How to Easily Earn Free Airfare from Everyday Purchases

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It’s no secret that I love to travel. I have a travel blog, by golly. (Is that how you spell it?)

I’m Frugal

There is one issue though. My desire for travel doesn’t quite match up with my small travel budget.

So what’s a cheap, frugal, tiny budget travel loving girl to do?

I told you about saving money on hotels and why many times we use Airbnb to save money. You can check out my post here on why we love Airbnb.

I simply look for creative ways to travel on my budget.

One thing I do to spend the least amount of money on airfare is that I use my miles. Yep, miles! Stay with me. I used to think it was uber complicated, but it really is simple to understand and implement.

I have a Southwest Visa card. Since I usually fly out of Austin, I chose the card with the best miles for my location. The Austin airport is easy to navigate and Southwest has a huge presence there which simply means more free airfare for me to chose from.

You earn 40,000 points with any Southwest personal Credit Card and business owners can earn 60,000 points with the Southwest Premier Business Credit Card. These numbers are just for signing up, my sweet friends.

Don’t Carry a Balance

I never carry a balance on the card, nor do I advocate that you do. Again, I’m going to repeat, I never carry a balance on the card. Being a slave to the lender is not for me. So everything I charge on the card for the WEEK, I pay on Saturday. Yep, I don’t do it monthly. I take care of the payment as quickly as I can and for me and that is every Saturday.

Last year in September, I decided to take the $69 plunge and pay for a credit card. Being super fugal, $69 was such a hard decision. You can get credit cards for free, why would I pay for one? FREE AIRFARE, Donna! (I like to talk to myself)

Free Flights

This year we decided to take an Alaskan cruise in June. So how did I get 4 people to Seattle. FREE AIRFARE! That’s right, I had enough miles to pay for all four of us to fly to Seattle.

This month, one year after I signed up for the card, I flew to Orlando and back for FREE also.

That makes a total of 6 free flights in one year.

By the way, I have 22,000 points in my account right now. That means I can start planning another trip. (Get back on track Donna and stop dreaming about travel!)

The How

Every time I go to the grocery store, I use my Southwest Chase Visa card. I also buy all my gas on the card. If I need things for the house or if we decided to go out to eat, again I use the Southwest Chase Visa.

I have a couple of bills that I can run through the card also.

Everything we buy from Sunday – Saturday, I pay on Saturday morning when I log in. I never carry a balance.

If we have a large purchase coming up, I also ask if I can put it on my card for the miles. If there is no fee at the business to do it, then I charge it on the card and simply pay it THAT DAY.

My truck driving man had a large purchase of $7000 that he needed to make. When we got to the location to pick up and pay, we simply asked if we could put the charge on our card to get the miles. Sadly, they charged 6 percent. Bummer! No miles on that purchase. We simply paid cash.

Click on my referral link and check it out. If it works for you, awesome. If not, no worries.

Referal Bonus

You will also earn points by refering other people. Yes, you will earn 10,000 points per person that you refer. They do max it out at 50,000 referal points per year.

That’s what happened with me. My brother told me all about the program and gave me his referal link. I checked it out. I thought about it for a while and then applied. Like I said, the $69 was hard for me at first because I didn’t see the value at that early stage. Now, looking back 1 year, I’m so happy I took the plunge. Six free flights, oh yeah! I love free airfare!

If you happen to earn 110,000 points in one year, you will earn a companion pass for FREE. That’s right. Once you hit 110,000 points in one year you can pick a companion to fly free.

I love to pack! Since you’re reading this, I’m sure we share the same desire. If you need help planning a trip it would be my pleasure to help you. You can also check out my site if you want to browse a few itineraries.


What is your bucket list trip? Let’s start saving for it.

BUT, fly to the desination for FREE with miles.

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