5 Proven Steps for Creating a Successful Nonprofit Cruise Fundraiser

Let’s talk about a Carnival cruise. Yes, Carnival! Carnival Cruise Line has an incredible way for you to create a huge fundraiser for your 501c3 organization.

According to CLIA, Cruise Lines International Association, 28.5 million people cruised in 2018 and the number is expected to reach 30 Million by the end of 2019. Side Note: I’m a member of CLIA so you can check me out on their site.

Carnival’s Contribution

Carnival Cruise Line will contribute $4 per person (up to two people) per day to your nonprofit organization for the fundraiser. So if you have 50 cabins in your group on a 7 night sailing, Carnival will give you $2800.

$8 per cabin X 7 nights X 50 cabins = $2,800.

Guest Contribution

When we book your group with Carnival Cruise Line, they will give us a discounted group price. Your organization can decide to mark up the fare, so the guests can all contribute to the nonprofit organization. (Yes, this mark up will be tax deductible for the cruiser)

An example might be to mark up the price by $20 per person.

Since most people will book 2 people to a cabin that will increase the price by $40.

$40 X 50 Cabins = $2,000.

Nonprofit has a Raffle

For every 15 cabins booked, Carnival will give you a free cabin. Many nonprofit organizations will then decided to create a raffle for the earned free cabins. In this example, you would earn 3 free cabins for the raffle. How much would you choose to sell the raffle tickets for? $20? $50? I’ll use $20 in the example and 250 tickets sold.

$20 X 250 tickets sold = $5,000.


$2800 + $2000 + $5000 = $9800 for your nonprofit 501c3 organization.


Carnival and I will also offer your group some fun perks to enjoy while they are sailing. We have many things to choose from like a Carnival Tote Bag, Bottle of Wine, Bon Voyage Chocolates, Group Photo, On Board Credit and many more.

Do you need space to hold meetings or private events? We can do that.

Would you like to hold another fundraiser event on the ship. We can do that also. Maybe you want to invite everyone to a private fundraising event on the ship. Yes, Carnival and I can take care of that for you.


  1. Select a ship and sail date to block group space. No money required from your organization to set up the space.
  2. Promote to your support base and those in your community. Carnival and I can help provide you with flyers and other resources.
  3. Reveive a fundraising donation from Carnival Cruise Line following the cruise. Carnival will donate $4 per person per day for guests that cruise with your group, as long as you have 8 staterooms sail.

Have you done a casino night or a fundraising event like a dinner or gala? What platform do you use? Carnival and I, as your Travel Advisor, can assist in planning your next event. Let us help you create a great fundraiser, while allowing the guest to create memories with those they love on board a beautiful Carnival Cruise ship.

What organization do you belong to that you would like to help? Your group must be a 501c3 organization, so it might be a civic group, an association, a humane society, PTA or booster club, scholorship fund, chamber of commerce, senior center, church, youth group, a favorite charity, or any nonprofit that wants to create an income through a fun Carnival Cruise.

The donor benefits. Since most people take a vacation each year, they will enjoy the beautiful ship, top quality food, fun entertainment, lists and lists of activities, fascinating destinations all over the world and the comfort and peace of traveling in a group environment. But most of all, they will know that this trip is benefiting an organization that they love and is dear to their heart.

Nonprofit’s job

Promote! It would be your job to promote the fundraiser through your website, newletters, email, newspaper articles, Facebook and Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram or any media forms that you have available.

It’s best to start planning your cruise fundraiser least one year out for the best rates and to make sure your donors have time to plan for the cruise event.

Where would your donors like to visit? Which ports? What is the best length of cruise for your group? What time of year would work best for the group? After we have made these decisions, I will assist you in creating a memorable event and help you promote the cruise with free promotional material.

Check out my Travel Leaders page here to learn more about me and my travel. You can also check out some of your favorite Carnival ships and sailing dates on my site. Let’s get planning, so we have a reason to pack.

Donna Brown, VadoTravel@aol.com

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