Ruby Princess Kitchen Staff

Every day a dedicated team of chefs carefully prepare authentic, flavorful food served in each of the elegant dining venues on board the Ruby Princess.

ruby princess

Each dish is skillfully made from scratch. From signature pastas to, homemade pizza, to all the bread and rolls that are baked three times a day.

ruby princess

Crisp salad? Tender steak? Every meal is created using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients and delivers mouthwatering flavors.

It all starts with a international shopping list unlike any shopping list anyone would prepare at home. This list consists of food from all over the world: fine cheeses from Italy, England, The United States, Scandinavia and France. Choice selected beef, as well as choice selected fresh fruit and vegetables from California and Florida. On a single Ruby Princess sailing, the grocery list usually consists of between 110 and 115 tons of food that must be delivered to the ship.

And how many staff members are on board to prepare, assist, lead, clean, carve, supervise, bake, cut, mix, saute, fry and teach? 515

Dining! It’s one of my reasons to pack. What’s yours?

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