One Simple Reason to choose a Princess Medallion Class Cruise

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Medallion Class


Princess customers love their Princess ships. Check out the repeat customers coming back over and over. Their 2020 sailings are filling up quickly especially during the busy summer months. If you are looking for a cabin for 3 or 4, don’t wait. For best pick on your favorite cabin category plan early.

I still have some 2019 sailings on Princess cruise ships with cabins available. What’s your bucket list destination?

380 destinations! Yes, a Princess Cruise ship probably goes to your favorite one. Are you celebrating a birthday, graduation or anniversary? Would you like to have a wedding on the ship or at a destination? I’m getting excited for you.

Princess medallion class ships allow you to enjoy a more carefree, relaxing sail. When you get near your stateroom room, it will unlock for you. No more having to set your drinks on the floor to find your key card and open the door.

In the app, with drinks on demand, you can order and they will be delivered right to you. Yes, wherever you are on the ship!

You will also be able to quickly find your shipmates from the app. Parents, relax! You can simply check the app and always know exactly where your precious kids are hanging out.

When you book a medallion ship, the free medallion will be shipped to you about 2 weeks before you sail. You will have the ability to purchase lanyards, sports bands, clips, pendants or bracelets to hold your medallion.

It doesn’t store any personal information, so you don’t need to worry about identity theft. Even if your 15 year old is playing basketball on the court and sets down his medallion to make his famous shot, there is no need to worry.

I Got to Touch One

Your medallion is water, heat, sand and salt resistant. Can I get a hallelujah, moms?

Princess Cruise Line has outfitted many of their fleet with the medallion program and many more will be added by the time you sail to Alaska, Hawaii, through the Panama Canal, or even one of the many ports in the Caribbean.

I cruised on the Ruby Princess this past summer to Alaska and the trip could not have been more perfect. From the wildlife to see and the food on board to enjoy, we were blown away by the whole Princess experience. My family truly did “come back new.”

Do you need any help? It would be my pleasure to assist you in planning your next cruise.

Are the Medallion Class ships a reason to pack? Check out your favorite Princess sailings here.

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