Tea, Tray, Love: The Joy of Afternoon Tea with Silversea

If you’re a tea enthusiast, you don’t have to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love to find a way of balancing pleasure and devotion (though it is a wonderful book to curl up with on a lazy afternoon, with a nice cup of tea). And there’s no need to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia to follow in Gilbert’s footsteps (though that would be an amazing journey, right?). And there’s certainly no need to meditate at an ashram, as Gilbert did (though that could be rather enlightening).

No, if you are a devotee of tea, you may simply indulge your passion for the fragrant beverage in the hallowed tradition that is known as afternoon tea, finding balance in its daily regularity, and likely falling in love with the accompanying tray of delicacies.

At Silversea, our custom of serving afternoon tea at 4:00 pm offers guests the perfect respite from an active day usually spent ashore, exploring exotic lands and cultures. In the Panorama Lounge*, with its expansive views of the sea, guests gather to relax, share stories and enjoy the soothing sounds of a live piano performance.

White-gloved waitstaff circulate between tables adorned with crisp linens, fine china and three-tiered trays displaying an assortment of finger sandwiches, miniature pastries, cakes and cookies. They graciously serve pots of steaming hot water, selected teas, and freshly baked scones with clotted cream and a variety of jams. And it’s all complimentary.

Silversea’s elegant framed tea menu, containing actual tea samples and descriptions, features twelve tempting selections, including blacks, greens, oolongs and whites, all hand-picked teas produced by the famous Frankfurt-based Ronnefeldt tea company. A purveyor of tea since 1823, Ronnefeldt claims a Russian czar among its early customers. To truly appreciate their fine teas, have a look at this video, and learn why tea cultivation is truly an art.

On your next Silversea cruise, be sure to drop in for afternoon tea … and discover its enduring charm.

And if, like Elizabeth Gilbert, you’d like to do some soul-searching travel, we can help with that too. Silversea voyages offer the chance to eat, pray and love in Italy, India, Bali and dozens of other enchanting and romantic destinations.

Let’s chat about a Silversea cruise headed to your favorite destination. You can check out more about me here.

Thank you Silversea for helping me with this post.


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