Three Top Reasons to Decorate Your Cabin Door

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Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival all have metal cabin or stateroom doors. Bring your magnets and let’s decorate away.

decorate cruise doors

Easy to Find

The number one reason you should decorate you stateroom door when you get on board is to make it easy to find your stateroom. Every door looks the same, so it’s so much more fun and easy to find your cabin when you simply see all your fun decorations.

What do you think of the hallway above. Yep, boring! You’re going on vacation. Let’s have some fun and make it easy to find your cabin.

Celebrate, Celebrate

What are you celebrating on your next cruise? Bring some items to help you celebrate. It so easy to stop by Dollar Tree or simply order from them online. They have fun magnets, party supplies and basic office supplies that will hopefully spark your creative spirit.


Grab some Dollar Tree wrapping paper and magnets. When you get on board, fold the wrapping paper to fit and place it on the door with magnets. Now, add all kinds of fun decorations or pictures to help you celebrate your birthday, anniversary or graduation cruise.


I’m talking to other cruisers here. Decorate your door with basic white dry erase boards from the Dollar Tree and encourage your hallmates to share in the fun. Leave markers in fun colors for your hallmates and other cruisers to answer questions that you post.


Once, we encouraged others to take a card and leave a card. I had magnets and business cards all over my door and others simply took one if they wanted it and some left cards if they wanted to. It was a fun exchange to see where everyone was from.

Do you love the anticipation of an upcoming trip? Yeah, me too. Let’s get packing for a cruise.

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