Two Scenic Hiking Trails in Austin You Must Visit

Sunday is usually the day we go to church, but on this Sunday we found ourselves hiking in Austin on the beautiful Scenic trails of Mount Bonnell and Zilker Park.

Our daughter is in Texas 4h. This year she decided to work on her Jr. Master Photography Certificate. She has to complete numerous tasks, trainings, events and community service projects to earn the title of Jr. Master Photographer.

So what’s her parents to do while waiting for her to complete an entire day of learning? HIKE! Yep, we hiked.

Mount Bonnell

We started our day at Mount Bonnell. Just type it into google and you will magically arrive at the entrance.

Mount Bonnell is located in Covert Park and is the highest point in Austin at 775 feet. It is named for George Bonnell, who served as the commissioner of Indian Affairs for the Texas Republic.

You will see sweeping views of Austin as well as Lake Austin, which is a portion of the Colorado River. Mount Bonnell is designated as a Texas Historic Landmark and is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

To start your hike to the trail, you will climb 102 stairs to reach the top. There is a nice pavilion to relax after the walk up those 102 stairs.

You must take your phone or a camera, because the views are gorgeous. Since I’m not taking the 4H Jr. Master Photography classes my photos may, well, not be as inspiring.

It is a nice place to hike, but you can also take a picnic lunch up to the top and enjoy an adventurous meal with someone you love.

Yes, it is dog friendly and we passed many of them on our hike.

It is free to visit with free parking.

Zilker Park

It was an Early Sunday morning hike for me and my hubby. We parked in the lot right in front of the pool area and heading down to the hiking trails. This trail had way more traffic than Mount Bonnell.

The trail is beautiful, but not didn’t quit have the stunning views that the Mount Bonnell trails had.

This trail is bike and pet friendly, so if your wanting to use the trails for exercise keep that in mind. You will have lots of traffic around you.

The park is home to 350 acres of stunning, endless beauty. The wide open spaces are easily one of Austin’s most popular outdoor attractions.

The park was named for Andrew Jackson Zilker who came to Austin in 1876 to become a businessman and banker. He operated one of Austin’s first ice factories and was elected Alderman. He also ranched a 40 acre spread with good water southwest of town. (from

In three seperate gifts in in the early 1900s, Mr. Zilker gave his ranch, which included what is now known as Barton Springs, to the city in a way that benefitted the community and the schools. 1934 the park was officially name Zilker Park. (from

Zilker Park has 68 various hiking trails. They range from 0.1 to 12.2 miles in length. The longest trail in the park is Barton Creek Greenbelt and Violet Trail and it measures 12.2 miles. Check out for more information and download their app for your hiking trip through Zilker Park.

Let’s Go

Traveling is my favorite thing to do, but being in God’s Creation is way up there on my favorite’s list.

In sharing my adventures with you, I hope to inspire you to visit local or far-off destinations. If you need help planning, you can read my reviews or learn more about me here. Do you have a reason to pack?

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