Do I Need Travel Insurance?

It’s a question I get all the time. Do I need travel insurance?

I have one question to ask you? What is your plan if something does go wrong on your vacation?

Have you thought about it? Do you have a plan? We insure so many things in our life, but we may forget about insuring our precious vacations. I hope I have you thinking.

Does your health coverage work in a foreign country?

If you don’t have health coverage and something happens, what are the rules for payment?

What if your flight was delayed? Will you make the boarding for your cruise or tour?

If the airline looses your luggage do you have a plan?

What if a hurricane is threatening your travel plans?

What if a hurricane hit the Bahamas a week before your scheduled trip there?

If you an an emergency and needed to cancel you trip, what would happen to your deposit and payments you already made?

How is your overall health?

Let’s pause. Do you have a plan? Let’s talk about travel insurance.

I love helping clients find that reason to pack, but it’s a topic we will need to have a conversation about.

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